About 2012 MotY

For the  2012 MotY, I chose to read/follow the book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers, PhD.  I bought and read most of this book some 20 years ago and kept it mainly because of the title. I’m now ready to read and, more importantly, implement the principles of the book.

With 2012 comes all kinds of apocalyptic diatribe. Whether any of it is true remains to be seen. The fact is the December 21, 2012 date marks the end of the long count Mayan calendar that started on August 11, 3114 BC (5,125 yrs). You can read more about this on the 13 Moon web site.

We can approach this fascinating date with fear or with the anticipation of any other start of a new cycle. I choose the latter. Come December 22, 2012, I intend to live my life in the moment, knowing that I can handle anything that comes my way with ease, grace and joy. Of course if I can accomplish that sooner, all the better. In preparation, I need and want to face my fears…once and for all. For it is my fears, more than anything else, that holds me back from accomplishing all that I know I can accomplish in this lifetime.

For a different perspective, the numbers of 2012 add up to “5” (2+0+1+2). The Pythagoreans thought of number five as the marriage between heaven and earth. For me that translates to creating a balance between our physical and spiritual selves.

I create and color mandalas as a meditation practice, bringing my spiritual/higher self in line with my physical self.  When I do, I receive helpful insights regarding the intention I made prior to coloring/meditating.

So, you can choose to follow along with me and/or the book or come up with your own intention for 2012; regardless, I hope you enjoy coloring the 12 sections of the 2012 Mandala of the Year.

Happy 2012!