2014: Section 1

Section 1: 2014 MotY
Section 1: 2014 MotY

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In honor of the Chinese Year of the Horse that begins January 31, 2014, I’m dedicating the 2014 Mandala of the Year to the Horse. Each month we’ll explore a trait or symbol of the horse to explore how we can incorporate it into our lives.

For Section 1 we look at the horse energy of freedom. When we visualize a horse, it’s usually in varying degrees of freedom:

  • running wild
  • moving freely
  • tame
  • restrained

When coloring this section, examine where in our thoughts, words, deeds and feelings we are

  • freely expressing ourselves
  • holding back, restraining ourselves
  • all over the place, out of control
  • at ease

For 2014, we seek a healthy balance with respect to freedom.

  • Where in our lives are we out of control…what can we do to rein it in?
  • Where in our lives are we feeling restrained…what can we do to free ourselves?
  • In what areas would we like to feel more at ease?
  • Are we moving freely or limiting ourselves?
  • Are we making best use of our free will? Is it serving us or harming us?

While coloring this section, call in the horse energy of freedom. Put freedom into play here by allowing ourselves to do any or all of the following or feel free to choose something completely different:

  • color all over the place regardless of the lines
  • color within the lines
  • color it with just one or two colors
  • carefully choose and plan out a color palette
  • pick colors at random
  • color this section more than once…experimenting with different styles and techniques
  • choose from a variety of media to use: color pencils, crayons, ink, markers, paint, collage, mixed media, etc.

As we begin 2014 and the Year of the Horse, may we embrace the horse energy of freedom.


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