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Maureen Frank - The Mandala Lady
That's me demonstrating the coloring of one of my mandalas at an outdoor show in Oregon...hence the need to wear boots 🙂

To find out more about my art, my background, and what I do, visit my web site @ www.TheMandalaLady.com/the_art/statement.php

– Maureen


  1. I am a clinical social worker who works at a short term psychiatric program where people come in to get stabilized. Many come in after a suicide attempt, etc. Every Friday I do a mandala session where I play Zen music to show them a way to quiet themselves and find a way to handle stress. I ofcourse always participate too and color along w them. When a friend of mine told me about this website, the really neat thing is that every week at work, I also talk about “Love Is Letting Go of Fear” book and tell them about how helpful the book is. You have taken two things that I believe are great tools for healing and put them together! Thank you!
    Cindy Cockrell


    1. Hi Cindy,
      You’re so welcome! And thank you so much for sharing what you do…what a wonderful use of mandalas…they are so powerful and healing.

      I also offer a “Mandala of the Month” at http://www.MandalaoftheMonth.com which you may also find of benefit to you and the people that you help.

      Keep up the great service that you’re doing.

      joyfully, Maureen


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