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Section 10 – 2012 MotY

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For those of you following along with this year’s book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers, PhD, here’s a bit of Chapter 10 (“Choosing Love and Trust”).

The essence of this chapter is about giving without expecting anything in return. For many of us, and I’m first in line here, this is a very tall order. We hear it over and over again about how it’s better to give than receive…so why is it so difficult?

Dr. Jeffers explains…

People who fear can’t genuinely give. They are imbued with a deep-seated sense of scarcity in the world, as if there wasn’t enough to go around. Not enough love, not enough money, not enough praise, not enough attention — simply not enough.  Usually fear in one area of our lives generalizes, and we become closed down and protective in many areas of our lives.

The ability to genuinely give is a lifelong process of growing up to become full-blown adults. As we learn to give, our ability to love and trust increases exponentially.

She offers six areas where we can learn to give:

  1. give away thanks
  2. give away information
  3. give away praise
  4. give away time
  5. give away money
  6. give away love

This is another one of those chapters that I highly recommend you read from beginning to end. She goes in depth with each one.

I’ll share a piece under the “give away thanks” section: look at everyone in our lives, past and present, and note all that they contributed to us in their own special way…and thank them. To those who gifted us with pain, we need to thank them as well…find their gift from the negative.

If we want to bring more love into our lives, we need to rid ourselves of pain and anger.

One way to work through pain and anger is through creative activities, such as coloring. Use the ‘blobs’ in the upper portion of this section as placeholders for the people in our lives that have caused us pain and while coloring, do so with the intention of releasing the pain and thanking them.

I’ll close with a slightly modified affirmation from this chapter:

My life is abundant, and I count!

Happy Coloring!


Maureen, The Mandala Lady

Be sure to download/color the October 2012 Mandala of the Month.



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