2014: Section 9

2014: Section 9Download 2014: Section 9

In honor of the Chinese Year of the Horse that began January 31, 2014, I’m dedicating the 2014 Mandala of the Year to the Horse. Each month we’ll explore a trait or symbol of the horse to explore how we can incorporate it into our lives.

Horse Sweetness
In Section 9 we embrace the horse energy of sweetness.

What does it mean to have sweetness? It means to come from a place of caring, to be understanding, and to be kind…both to ourselves and to others.

We are all on our own individual journeys through this life while at the same time sharing our journey with all those in our lives…both directly and indirectly.

You never truly know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

It’s easy to judge and be critical of ourselves, others, and circumstances…yet often times we rarely know the full story. For example, maybe the reason that person cut us off in traffic is because s/he had to rush their injured child to the hospital.

To come from a place of sweetness means to be accepting and caring of ourselves and others. To just be with the person where they are instead of trying to fix them or change them. Can others trust us to be accepting of them without judgement or criticism?

Sweetness also means to allow ourselves to be vulnerable with others, to trust, to have faith that others are there for us…all we have to do is just ask.

Ponder this while coloring this month’s section of the 2014 Mandala of the Year.

Happy Coloring!

Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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