2016: Section 12

2016 MotY - Section 12

Download 2016 MotY – Section 12

In honor of the current Chinese New Year which began on February 8, 2016, I’m dedicating the 2016 Mandala of the Year to the Monkey. Each month we’ll explore a trait or symbol of the monkey to explore how we can incorporate it into our own lives.

For Section 12 we look at the monkey energy of unique perspective.

We sometimes use the phrase “not seeing the forest for the trees” when we spend too much time entrenched, and maybe even lost, in the details of our lives. We tend to forget the bigger picture, our realm of potentiality from our own unique perspective.

Vervet Monkey by Harvey Wildlife Photography
Vervet Monkey by Harvey Wildlife Photography

Monkeys remind us of their unique perspective by climbing atop the trees to see the overall view of their world around them; seeing what’s behind, below, to the side, and in front of them. From this vantage point, they can easily determine what to do next.

Like monkeys, it benefits us to do the same. It helps us to step out from our “stuck-ness” to fully grasp what’s going on in our life from a higher vantage point, to see things from our unique perspective so as to determine our next move.

One way we can do this is by asking questions like

  1. why am I doing this/that?
  2. what am I avoiding by doing this/that?
  3. is there a better way to do this/that?
  4. do I need to go in a different direction?
  5. do I need to change “trees”?
  6. what’s the best way to move forward from here?
  7. is there anyone that can help me?
  8. is it to my advantage to stay where I am?
  9. is it to my advantage to let it go?

Ponder this while coloring this month’s section of the 2016 Mandala of the Year.

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala lady

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