WIP: Archangel #1 Mandala – 07

Archangel #1 Mandala: 22 - Full View
Archangel #1 Mandala
Acrylics on 4×4 Wood Panel

I started the Archangel #1 painting in April 2015 and worked on it for a couple of months. I reached a point where I struggled to figure out what needed to be done next. I decided to put it on hiatus, to just let it sit for a bit.

This past month, something shifted and I’m back to painting it again. I began to “see” what happens next. Inspiration came and I followed its lead.

Now that I’m moving forward with this mandala again, I plan to share my progress here on the “Mandala of the Year” site. I’ll add more information about this mandala series at a later date.

Here’s my painting progression for the month of June (please forgive the poor image quality on some of these, I’ll work on improving that for next month):

joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady

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