The 3 Keys to Life for 2022

Happy Solstice!

For the past few years a word comes to mind as my theme for the upcoming new year. This year I instead received a group of three words that wanted to be known as ”The Keys to Life”…from Team Charlotte*. 

  1. Breathe – without the breath our existence ceases
  2. Grow – the very nature of life is growth and expansion
  3. Help – empowers the giver and the receiver
  4. (repeat 1-3 as often as possible throughout the year)

I created “The Keys to Life” mandala-to-color as a way to symbolically represent these three keys:

  • the center section: breathe
  • the “trees”: grow
  • orbs: what we have to offer as help.

Download PDF Mandala To Color

Now let’s take a closer look at each ”key”.

BREATHE (body) 

Its main message: be present and grounded in your body and where you are. Once there, it becomes easier to know what step(s) to take next. This “key” begs the question: How can I be more present? Some ideas:

  1. stop everything for just a moment and just be
  2. allow yourself several deep calming breaths
  3. meditate (I personally like to use the free “Insight Timer” app)
  4. immerse yourself in a warm soothing bath or shower
  5. go for a walk (ideally in nature)
  6. go outside at night to gaze at the stars
  7. close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, while deep breathing for a few moments, sync up your heart to your breathing
  8. gently “thump” your sternum for about 30 seconds with your three middle fingers (index, middle, ring)
  9. listen to calming (for you) music
  10. if you have access to one, rock yourself in a rocking chair

GROW (mind)

The nature of our universe and everything in it is growth and expansion. We are part of this nature. Our resistance to growth leads to stagnation, stuckness, and boredom. Find ways to grow, to push beyond our comfort zone, and to continuously strive to better ourselves. This ”key” begs the question ”What part(s) of my life could use improving or growth?” Some ideas:

  1. learn new skills and/or expand on existing skills
  2. learn a new language
  3. visit new-to-you places (virtually or in person)
  4. do more with your non-dominant hand
  5. change up your routine (find new ways to do things)
  6. embrace a new hobby (or two)
  7. get to know new-to-you people (individually, culturally, ethnically, etc)
  8. get to know yourself better (allow yourself to dig deep)
  9. if necessary or appropriate, seek therapy
  10. be willing to fail (ie: have learning experiences) as part of this growth process

HELP (soul)

We rise by lifting others” – Robert Ingersoll

In these challenging times of feeling helpless with things beyond our control, we can turn the tables by helping others: it empowers both the giver and the receiver. Find ways to help however you are able (big or small), and knowing full well that sometimes the best way to help is to walk away or just say no. This “key” begs the question: “How can I help in this situation?” Some ideas:

  1. smile
  2. volunteer
  3. pay it forward
  4. teach your knowledge, skills, talents
  5. offer genuine compliments on a regular basis
  6. use your skills, talents as a way to help others
  7. learn to become a good listener without having to fix or solve anything
  8. send a card (letter, email, text) to someone who could use a little love, support, and/or encouragement
  9. be patient (we’re all just trying to do the best we can in the moment)
  10. be kind (to others and ourselves)

Here’s my first attempt at coloring this mandala using 8 different glitter pens. The second image shows off the glitter better. I plan to color this multiple times throughout the year. Maybe you can too.

*Team Charlotte is a team of Higher Dimension Beings helping me to help us navigate these changing times on Planet Earth.

May we all be showered with many blessings in 2022.

Happy Coloring!

The Mandala Lady

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