The Keys to Life – January

My January coloring of the 2022 MotY wanted to be more earthy, grounded. The center section feels like it’s the center of the earth. The warm orb of energy branches out like tree limbs in all directions producing more orbs of energy waiting to be planted with the potential to branch out in all of their respective directions which produces even more orbs waiting to be planted and so on and so on.

It reinforces the cyclical-ness of this design, reminding us that we tend to spiral through our lives versus going in a straight line from point A to point B.

It works when we decide to take a step forward, that action creates a ripple effect spreading outward, which then presents the next potential step(s). Then we take the next step, ripple, path opens up some more, take the next step, etc.

Bottom line…when we step forward, what seems like a foggy pathway, clears just enough for us to realize our next step(s)…it could even present an added pathway that may feel like a better way to go; a pathway we would have missed out on had forgone our previous steps forward.

If you would like to color this mandala for yourself, you can download it here. If you post your colorings on social media, I would love to see them. Use the hashtag #2022MOTYColoring


The Mandala Lady

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