2011: Section 2

2011 MotY Section 2

Download Section 2 of the Mandala of the Year

Section 2 of the 2011 Mandala of the Year is now ready for downloading and coloring. If you have yet to do Section 1 you can check it out here.

As I stated in the Section 1 post, rather than me telling you how to make use of this I’m letting you use it however you feel moved to use it. You can color it for the sake of coloring or you can meditate on a thought, an issue, a loved one, or even something as arbitrary as opening a book and blindly picking out a sentence or paragraph as your guide.

For me, I’m using Gerald Jamposky’s “Love is Letting Go of Fear” book as my guide. As it turns out, he offers 12 lessons which means I can use one lesson per section. Lesson 2 is “Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness.” As I color this section throughout the month of February, I’ll color with this lesson in mind.

Possible Focus Ideas

  • If you’d like something a little more random or spontaneous, you can pick a card from a deck of angel cards, motivational cards, inspirational cards,  tarot cards, etc and use that as your focus as you color.
  • Along the lines of the previous suggestion, you can close your eyes and open to a random page in a sacred book of your choosing for your inspiration.
  • Using astrology, “Section 2″ can represent the second house, which is the house of values, finances, your innate abilities, and self-esteem.  What do you value?  What are your talents? Any issues with money or self-esteem?
  • Another astrology theme would be to focus on the sign the sun is currently traversing, which this month is the sign of Aquarius.  Some keywords for Aquarius are individualistic, unconventional, progressive, unique, independent, humanitarian, altruistic, visionary, perceptive, intellectual, logical, ingenious, inventive, unpredictable, detached, friendly, and scientific. How do you relate to any of these words?  Positively?  Negatively?


I would love for you to share your coloring experience in the comments section of this post.  What, if any, are you using as your theme?  How often do you color?  What insights have your gained?  I plan to share my experience here as well.

Also you’re welcome to upload photos of your colorings to the Flickr page for the Mandala of the Year. I’ve posted a series of photos showing my progress throughout the month of January.

Be sure to download/color the February Mandala of the Month.

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen, The Mandala Lady


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